We opened for business in the Spring of 2017 and it's been non stop excitement since! We have made websites, coordinated new studio launches and studio re-branding, executed photoshoots, developed comprehensive workshop templates, auditioned teachers, placed teachers and oh so much more!

With clients in Atlanta, Richmond, Charlottesville and Denver (visit our partners page for a full list of clients), we have been blessed to work with a diverse and amazing group of clients and friends. From studio owners, new YTT graduates, fitness instructors, and Reiki practitioners to metaphysical merchants, each day is action packed and very fulfilling (visit our portfolio page for a peak at a few of our projects).  As we continue to grow, we strive to focus on the true needs of our clients and evolve our programs accordingly. 

We are incredibly excited about our newest offering, Membership Plans for Studios and Teachers (information coming soon!), which allows for a more comprehensive program and additional costs savings for our clients. If you would like more information about our services, reach out and visit our contact page (pun intended!). 

REACH is committed to offering affordable assistance to individuals and small businesses who are in the business of being of service.  One human at a time we are making this world a better place. To hold true to our mission, REACH offers 2 karma memberships per year for 1 studio and 1 teacher exhibiting true need and a strong, proven mission of service.   

Founded & Managed by JP Tinker
Marketing Professional & Certified eRYT 200

JP worked as a project and program manager in the world of communication and marketing for over 15 years.  Clients such as Genentech, Delta, and American Airlines depended on JP to manage various aspects of their consumer brand campaigns both online and person to person. Everything from optimizing consumer messaging to developing and executing live programs, JP worked side by side with her clients to ensure strategic objectives were being met.  

Shortly after beginning a committed yoga practice, JP left the corporate world behind to pursue her yoga teacher certification.  While she immersed herself into the world of yoga as both teacher and studio manager, she began to notice a concerning trend.  Yoga studios, the institutions developed to spread peace and promote mind-body connection were struggling to succeed. Either being forced to shut their doors or to accept that they will never turn a profit, these studios were suffering. 

JP developed REACH as an affordable resource for yoga studios, energy healers and mind-body workers so that they can have the help they need within the budget that works for them.  Using Patanjali's 8 limbs as a guide, REACH provides services and support in a meaningful and purposeful way. 

JP Tinker 
Founder of REACH, the 8 limb guide

JP, happily married and blessed to have 3 amazing children in her life, spends her time reading, hiking, biking and eating.  While managing REACH she sneaks in as much time on her mat as possible (the hotter the better!!).  She believes in the beauty of humanity, the power of the pause and the deep connection between us all. 

"JP is incredibly compassionate and really believes in the healing capabilities of yoga. She has a genuine desire for yoga to be accessible to everyone. She will work with you to help bring your business the exposure it needs to help it grow."

- Eleanor Russo, beTWEENus Yoga

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