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Let's get to know each other, ask questions and dream big!

For your business to be successful, your vision, mission and goals should be as unique as the individual(s) behind it.  During our initial conversation we will identify your value prop, explore your opportunities and review the marketplace. 

60 min consult: $250


Dedicated teams? Shared services? Should all team members participate in ALL meetings or do you hold "Daily Huddles" or weekly "Deep Dives".  

What is the best way to ensure your performers are not overly taxed while others are doing the minimum to get by?  REACH can provide the objective eye you need to ensure you and your employees find growth and success.


Your website is like your favorite outfit, the focal point in your home, it is your voice and your vision on display for the world to see. 


Let REACH help you develop a thoughtful platform that not only provides the "what" of your organization but also speaks to the specific needs of your consumer market while letting them know your unique perspective. 

Applications and pricing are customizable based on needs. 


Are you looking to drive brand awareness? Is your focus on client retention, acquisition or a blend?  Do your digital platforms meet the unique demands of  today's customer? How are you evaluating success? What does your consumer engagement map look like? Do you have one???

Together we will develop the plan that will help you meet your specific business goals.  


Strategizing or "dreaming big" is essential to every success story however it means nothing if you don't take the time to develop the tactics to support the vision. 

Marketing plans are NOT one size fits all.  It's imperative that you factor in your consumer market, what information they find important, where and by what channels your community likes to receive messages. 


We will be your gut check, your second set of eyes, your partner.  The Watson to your Holmes. 

Often we get caught in the weeds of the day to day.  And sometimes a second opinion is the all you need for a good night's sleep.

We will work closely with you to help ensure your initiatives are being executed so as to align with your strategic imperatives.  Customizable retainer options available. 

"JP is attentive, caring, insightful, and such a professional. Whether she’s instructing a class, leading a seminar, or teaching a workshop, her knowledge and integrity shine through the lessons. JP illuminates me" 
- DeAnne Jacobson, Fit + Strong