"I've spent most of my formative years watching my parents, uncles and grandparents dream, struggle, win, fail, and try again as entrepreneurs and small business owners.  


As a strategic leader with extensive experience across highly competitive business and consumer markets, I've had the pleasure of working with many amazing hard working and dedicated organizations to develop, implement and evaluate tactics designed to promote brands, generate leads, and meet goal. 

My passion is driven by my familial legacy in supporting the small business, partnering with the dreamer and enjoying many wins!"

JP Tinker, Founder of REACH


While you may be the best yoga teacher, widget maker, or wedding singer, that does not inherently make you the best strategist, planner, or marketer.  That's our job. 

REACH is passionate about helping the local guy/ gal realize their dreams.  With over 15 years of experience helping major pharma companies build DTC campaigns, working with the big 6 airlines with optimized digital marketing strategies, our passion is really in helping the small business find success.

For the last 5 years, REACH has been working with yoga studios, counselors, fitness centers, retreat developers, boutiques and even family lawyers with everything from business consultations, marketing strategies, website builds, event development, CRM set up and campaign execution and more! 

Kindred with the spirit of the local, hard working entrepreneur, we can help! 

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Organizational Infrastructure Analysis and Development | Strategic Planning | Branding | Retention and Acquisition Strategies | Program Execution Plans | Consumer Engagement Mapping |
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