Break Through the Noise

Despite a much practiced exercise in patience and flexibility, the long anticipated return to "normal" is going to be just a bit further delayed. And... the question really is becoming, "What will our lives look like after?". I think most of us can agree, or at the least, grudgingly consider that life may not be like it once was. As we move towards a year of living in a global pandemic new priorities emerge, habits develop, and patterns form.

Many "experts" speak to the the ever growing importance of digital marketing campaigns within this new virtual world, and they aren't wrong. But the one critical element often neglected in this space we now occupy, is the human factor.

Paid ads, CRM campaigns, social posts are becoming white noise in an over crowded arena. The fact is, customers are being inundated with all the digital strategies and as a result, they become blind to them.

Throughout history, we have depended on one another's sharing of experiences. We are inspired and educated by one another. We relate, empathize, covet and strive all from hearing other people's experiences and perspectives. And our customers are posting those experiences to their own social media channels, sharing them over email or text. Their personal message is the one being heard, not yours.

The very real reality is that in this time and space, we are not always in control of the messages shared relaying customers' views and experiences. Now, like never before, you NEED positive word of mouth. It is imperative that Jane tells John how great her product/ service was. That John shares with Steve and Steve tells Carol. The positive review, the proactive recommendation is paramount to ongoing success just as a negative comment shared can costs you many customers. Flexibility, understanding, creativity and kindness will go a long way to creating and maintaining brand loyalty.

Times are uncertain, economies are turning, projections may be disappointing but the one thing that doesn't change, the critical element to remember, is your customer. They are your best marketing strategy.

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