Surround Sound

Great ideas are well... GREAT! But are you doing the work to align your tactics, your offerings with your goals? We can develop services and know that what we offer is the best of it's kind - but what about all the stuff that needs to go with it?

The truth is, our programs are only GREAT if we develop the "surround sound" for them. This means:

  1. How we promote or our "marketing plan". This can consist of CRM and social campaigns, flyers, cross promotional call outs, listings, blogs, in office posters/ flyers, push sites, the possibilities are endless.

  2. What the program drives to. In other words: what is your "then what?". Do you want your customer to make another appointment, schedule ongoing maintenance, come back tomorrow, tell other customers? What is your end game? Know that this can change, and often should change by tactic and or over time. For each offering and for each cycle, do the work to align your tactics and your messages to your goals.

  3. How we measure insights and outcomes. If you follow me, you know I am all about the data! Your program execution should tell you everything you need to know about your consumer base, what the they like, how they like to interact, the messages they react to, what they want more/ less of. It's important to understand how to measure consumer response and even more fun, how the programs can inform future tactics.

Happy planning!

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