the Teacher

Have you seen #myoctopusteacher? If not - you must! As a small business owner/ entrepreneur you need to as there is so much inspiration you can take from it!

  1. Be curious. While you should always come back to your core mission and values, you would be remiss to not allow for new ideas. Be curious in your explorations, just be sure you remain anchored.

  2. Be mindful and honest. What's working and what is not? Data analytics should be a critical component of your business model.

  3. Work smarter not harder: Strategy. Approach problems and successes with the same critical eye.

  4. Curiosity, mindfulness and strategy is only helpful if it follows with action: Adapt

  5. Persevere. From time to time you will get beat. You will fail. How will you rise?

  6. Accept and take comfort in connection. You are not alone and by accepting the wisdom or just the presence of others can enrich your experiences/ offerings

What else did you take away from #myoctopusteacher?




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